Petroleum, tank and pipework installations and environmental projects

For 25 years Westfield Pipework has specialised in the fabrication and installation of  pipework in polyethylene, stainless steel and steel.

Installations – we have extensive experience of installations in the following areas:

  • Petroleum forecourt filling stations
  • Tanks above and below ground (tanks for fuel, water, oil, waste products)
  • Polyethylene, stainless steel and steel pipework
  • AdBlue systems
  • Tank gauges
  • Supply and/or fit petroleum equipment e.g. Nozzles and labels

Maintenance & Testing – we provide maintenance and testing across the following areas:

  • Tank cleaning, lining or foam filling
  • Tank testing
  • Stage1b Vapour recovery Testing
  • Environmental checking
  • Tank gauges – checking and commissioning
  • Maintenance of petroleum forecourt filling stations
  • Maintenance of AdBlue systems

Equipment refurbishment – we also refurbish all equipment associated with petroleum filling stations.

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